If you have landed on this website, there is a good chance that you are frustrated with the negative listings/entries showing up in Google, Yahoo and Bing for you or your business name & wreaking havoc with your reputation and credibility online.

Negative entries showing up in the leading search engines almost always result in a huge decline in business and/or job prospects since over 73% of prospective employers and 89% of customers surf online before hiring you or making a purchase with you..

However, you do not have to worry...

Let a Well-Known Reputation Management Consultant Help You Get Rid of Negative Listings and Reviews Using a Unique and Effective Method Which Generally Shows Results Within 3 Months.

I have another proposition in place: If after 3 months, you don’t see the results you desired, I will work for you for free till you are fully satisfied. This is something “other” reputation management companies will never do (for obvious reasons).

Learn How I Help Clients Suppress Negative Posts/Reviews For a Fraction of The Price Other Companies Charge:

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So why am I important and why it should you be listening to me in the first place?

Well, let me introduce myself.

My name is Yasir Khan and I am known fairly well in the online marketing industry.

In the last 5 years, I have generated decent revenue providing marketing and reputation management services to many different clients around the world.

Simply put, I have a decent know-how of what measures need to be taken in order to improve your online reputation.

But let’s backtrack a little bit.

Ask yourself: Do you cringe when you find:

  • Multiple Google listings talking about you in an extremely negative and derogatory manner?
  • Reputable websites shouting out to the public that you were convicted & sentenced?
  • News releases which mention your business filing for bankruptcy or getting fined for misconduct with customers etc.
  • Multiple negative customer reviews telling others not to do business with you ever again?
  • Google, Yahoo & Bing showing public records of your past sentences, divorce, legal battles which you obviously want to hide from your employers?

I know how bad it feels because I have worked with many clients who were extremely unhappy with what Google, Yahoo & Bing reported under their personal or business names.

Many of these clients lost weeks of sleep, lost all their credibility, got fired, filed for bankruptcy only because the search engines keep on "publishing" negative news about them.

Only a handful of "real-life" results of such negative listings:

  • A college professor was let go & wasn’t given a job for over 18 months because of the gross misconduct made public by the search engines
  • A new rock band saw a huge dip in its publicity, resulting in thousands of dollars of lost ticket sales, because of a publicized physical assault between its members
  • A surgeon wasn’t re-hired for 9 months because the search engines mentioned that he was fined & “disciplined” for gross misconduct.
  • A local business lost 45% of its monthly sales after negative reviews started popping up for it in Google
  • A person serving 3 years in prison wasn't given a job the first year he was out, because of the information shown to prospective employers through Google

These examples can go on and on but I am sure you get the idea.

Losing control over your identity and what people say about you is by far the most distressing thing you can ever face.

After all, how many of us are successfully able to get on peoples’ good sides after we have made a bad impression?

Negative feedback is known to put people in a state of extreme depression & helplessness.

Once again, I know how you feel because I have serviced many clients, helped them “start over” with zero effort on their part so they are now satisfied & living a happy & healthy life.


Simply put, my "unique" method of suppressing negative entries from the search engines is all that you will need..


Yes I understand.

Everyone makes similar claims but only a few people can back it up by showing you actual evidence.

If you would like to see "proof" please use the Contact Us box below to get in touch with me & I would be happy to help.

  • Negative listings against your name?

    I will create “positive” listings for you, promote them and get them to rank above the negative entries.

  • Negative customer reviews?

    My “unique” method hides negative reviews from public eyes & replaces them with positive ones.

  • Disciplinary proceedings & sentences?

    I have helped many clients hide this sensitive & embarrassing information from public’s eyes.

Here are some examples of what I have been able to achieve for my clients:

  • A very high profile client you might have seen on CNN & BBC was “convicted” & “jailed” for 3 years had 25 negative listings against his name which prevented him from getting a job or even a serious interview. 5 months after we started working together, most of those listings are gone and he is happily employed.
  • A university professor was widely publicized because of a scandal which was tarnishing his credibility. Most of his negative listings are now gone.
  • A university student convicted of assault had 7 negative listings relating to him in Google. Not only was this an embarrassment for him, it negatively impacted his social life. 3 months later, all his negative listings are gone.
  • A small business which had a customer rating of only 2.8/5 was on the verge of bankruptcy because of negative publicity. I have helped them improve their ratings to 4.1/5 and he is now profiting.

Unfortunately, I cannot disclose their identities on this website for obvious reasons but if you are interested in knowing who they are, all you have to do is contact me.

So you might be wondering: Why do I want to help you?

Well, the answer is simple: I have been a reputation management consultant for over 4 years & I know what makes the search engines “tick”.

This means that I know what needs to be done in order to get rid of negative listings & replace them with positive ones, so people can see only “good” things about you or your company’s name.

I also love helping people out, since the satisfaction of changing someone’s life always trumps the “money” I earn from my endeavors.

If you are having a reputation management issue, I can definitely get you good results by making the negative entries rank much lower and replacing them with posts/pictures/entries which showcase you in a positive manner.

So What Exactly Is It Which Makes Me Different?

  • I have generated over $2 million in sales for my companies in the last 4.5 years alone using just online marketing
  • I have been able to successfully reverse-engineer Google, Yahoo and Bing's algorithms which means that I understand how these search engines work
  • My unique methods have resulted in huge product launches & a lot of people know me on the web
  • I have 4 profitable marketing companies which I run from the comfort of my home
  • Corporations have hired me to provide them with much-valued advice related to branding, marketing & customer retention
  • Finally, I have over 2000 customers in 15 countries around the globe making use of my services

What all this really means is: 

I know how to get search engines to reflect only the information you want them to show to the public.

My Unique Selling Proposition:

There are a couple of very good reasons why other companies simply cannot do what I can achieve for you:

  • My process ensures that most (or all) of your negative entries are suppressed from Page 1 of the leading search engines.
  • I work with different kinds of clients, irrespective of their budget sizes (for the most part).
  • Most high profile clients I have worked with are extremely happy with my services because they are fairly comfortable with the level of communication and the results I've shown them.
  • When you hire me, it is me and not an entry-level sales guy working on your reputation management issue.
  • Long-lasting results

    My reputation management services generally prevent negative listings from popping back up again. If and when they do, I work for you for free.

  • Affordable solutions

    Other reputation management companies have huge overheads, resulting in higher prices. We are a small company so the charges are much lower.

  • Personalized packages & support

    We do not use any cookie-cutter solutions. Everything is personalized to the target client.

Hype & BS aside, I have a lot of "successes" under my belt. I mention this not to brag, but to give you a reason why you should feel comfortable having me to service your extremely sensitive reputation management issues:

3 Things You Can Expect When We Work Together

  • Within 3 months, my aim would be to get most (or all) of the negative entries suppressed and away from Page 1 of the search engines
  • I will give you detailed monthly reporting so you know about the progress being made
  • If you like, we can get on a quick phone call every month so I can directly answer your questions

Testimonials & Proof

Most reputation management services do not provide proof since all client information is confidential.

However, once we talk on the phone, I can give you an idea of what I have successfully done for multiple clients, irrespective of how "serious" their case was.

You can rest assured that a competent & knowledgeable consultant will be working on your case when you sign up.

Costs & Pricing

Let's be honest here.

Clearly someone's reputation isn't exactly the easiest thing to do.

This is because, depending on how much "damage" has been caused to the client, less or more work might need to be done in order to get rid of these negative listings.

Technically speaking, mending an individual's or a business's reputation typically helps them anywhere between $20,000-$400,000 if I were to put a dollar value on it.

The reason is simple.

An individual with a "good" online reputation will get hired quickly, will not be let go as easily and will have a steady income.

A business with a "good" online reputation will find it much, much easier to make sales and to close clients. Most businesses with bad online reputations go bankruptcy very quickly.

Therefore, my prices are directly related to the amount of work involved, especially since I hand out a result-based guarantee, which most other reputation management companies simply do not provide.

Even with that, I charge a very affordable amount so the value in my services is immense.

Here are some examples of what I have charged previous clients:

  • An "infamous" client, featured negatively on CNN & BBC news was charged $3000 per month for 4 months
  • A Toronto-based business with 13 negative listings for their company name was charged $1500 per month for 3 months
  • A college professor with 5 negative listings was charged $1000 per month for 3 months
  • A dentist who had 18 court-hearing & impeachment listings for his name was charged $2000 per month for 3 months
  • A financial manager who was fined $500,000 because of gross misconduct was charged $1700 per month for 3 months
  • A college student who has 5 negative local listings was charged $500 per month for 3 months

If you look closely, you will see that the cost to "repair" your reputation is a lot less than the value provided, which makes it a win-win for both of us.

Limited Spots - Availability Depends On My Workload

Unfortunately, I might or might not be able to help you for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I am already engrossed with over 7 reputation management projects (at the time of this writing) and own 4 other marketing companies which keep me busy.

Secondly, budget constraints from the clients' side might create an issue. My job is to provide you with the best & permanent solution for your reputation worries at an affordable price, but often times, that price is understandably outside peoples' budgets.

Thirdly, my workload always varies depending on the demand of my services so I apologize in advance if I am not able to help you with your endeavors.

My "unique" guarantee

Once I quote you a price, I will get started with your reputation management project. My hopes are to suppress most (or all) negative entries from Google Page 1 within 3 months & replace them with "positive" entries.

If, after 3 months, you still aren't satisfied with the progress, I will work for you after that for free, till you are happy with the results.

Get Hold Of Me For 15 Minutes So I Can Help You Out..

I am offering a no-obligation 15 minute phone call in order to help you understand how I can help you get rid of the negative entries & improve your online reputation.

If you don't like what you hear from me over the phone, just let me know. No hard feelings at all.

Sometimes the client and I are a good fit, sometimes we aren't.

  • Click the button below to file for a quote request
  • Enter the details as accurately as possible so I can take a look at your case even before we talk on the phone
  • Within 15-20 minutes I will explain how I can help you improve your online reputation within 3 months
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P.S. Remember, not taking care of your reputation online can result in huge business losses, an unending streak of unemployment and a total lack of credibility.

You might thinking that spending $4000 or even $6000 repairing your online reputation is a big chunk of cash, but it is nothing compared to the benefits of doing so.

I'd like to assist you in turning over a new leaf.

Thank you for taking the time to read up on my services. I am sure you have found something new on my website.

To your success,

Yasir Khan

Reputation Management Consultant


Reputation Management Company With A Guarantee

Simply put, if you don't see good results after 3 months, we work for you after that for free, till you are satisfied!

Client Testimonials

"Most negative entries removed from Google Page 1. It took 5-6 months but I am happy with the results. Thank you!"
-- Armin

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