Client Testimonials

Here are just a few testimonials from clients who have seen exceptional results with our unique reputation management services.

Since photos and other intricate details about the clients are not to be shared, we have only mentioned what they think about our services:

I was involved in a publicized court case a couple of years ago and the results showed up on regional news sites which caused me a lot of anxiety and frustration. I wanted to start over. The good thing is that now most negative entries are now not present on Google Page 1. It took 5-6 months but I am very happy with the results. Thank you! **

Armin C.

We had a couple of negative reviews about our dental practice in Google and Bing. I think one disgruntled patient started a campaign against us in order to punish us. In 3 months most of these negative reviews are gone. Our business is back on track. Excellent work. **

Jason T.

I won't disclose the reason behind my negative press but let's just say I had been at a wrong place at the wrong time. I used to wake up to see horrible stuff written about me on news sites. Thanks to Yasir's work, most of these listings are now suppressed and now are on Page 3. **

, Brian T.

I work in the medical field and was convicted on the basis of negligence. Thank you for helping me with the bad press and regain my sanity. It took a while but now Page 1 of Google is totally clean. I appreciate your good work. **

Fatima Mateen

I own an auto repair store and a couple of angry customers had ruined the feedback by rating me very low in the search engines. Thank you Yasir for making sure these unwarranted feedbacks are taken care of. Now I don't cringe when I look up the reviews for my company haha. **

Kiran H.

All negative listings gone about my court proceedings within 4 months. I am very happy with the results. Thank you for helping me out..  **


I hired Yasir & after 3 months the first 3 pages are cleared of negative results against my name. I can sleep peacefully at night now. You are a godsend. **


First 3 pages of my name have been cleared and I am ecstatic. All kudos to Yasir's team for doing a job quickly and efficiently! Thank you!! **

Lee R.

I am now seeing results- the negative entries are now on Page 2. I understand this process takes time and it has been an uphill battle. Thank you for your help in this regard. I appreciate it. **

Aziz B.

I had a court proceeding 2 years ago and the results of those kept showing up against my name in Google and Bing both! I hired Yasir and within 4 months all the news articles I wanted to hide are gone. I am now able to get back to my life. Thanks Yasir for a job well done. **

Mona M.

I had a Rip Off Report showing up against my company name on Google Page 1! What is more, I am sure this was a hoax because I never even dealt with the customer who was supposedly pissed off with us!!! Long story short, within 4 months that negative article is now on page 3. I was shocked because I didn't think a Rip Off Report entry could be suppressed. Thanks a million!!!! **

Cody M.

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