How Our Reputation Management Projects Work

Most people have no idea how reputation management services are able to help them suppress negative feedback, especially with the contradictory advice provided on the web.

This is why we want to make it very simple for everyone to understand.

We help you suppress negative listingsĀ using a simple 3-step process:


Step 1: Understanding Your Requirements

When you file for a quote request, we give you a call with the aim of collecting this information:

- The nature of the issue

- The keywords the negative entries show up for in the search engines

- Your budget

- The urgency of the matter

Once we have this information, we quote you an amount based on the work involved.

Step 2: Getting The Work Started

We then get started with the project.

We create positive listings for you and/or your company name and start promoting them using our "unique" process so they outrank and suppress the negative entries.

Depending on the nature of the project, we might create authority hubs, use independent domains & news sites to help you suppress negative entries.

Step 3: Results & Reporting

Every single month, we provide you with an evaluation and documentation of what we have achieved for you.

Sometimes it takes a little longer than anticipated to see results because it is ultimately the search engines which decide where to rank our positive entries and the negative entries

Once the budget is agreed to & the project is started, we will show you results within that budget, irrespective of how much our costs increase or how long it takes.

Generally speaking though, you should start seeing negative listings ranking lower after 3-4 months. We have worked with some clients who we were able to suppress all negative entries for within 2-3 months. **


Disclaimer: Results may vary **