Why You Need a Professional for Reputation Management

The odds are good that if you’re here and looking at this blog post, you know something about reputation management. The odds are good that you understand that reputation management for a business involves trying to find a way to suppress bad publicity and or negative links, usually by using high quality links from relevant home pages.

Now the thing is, many people wonder why they need to pay so much money to someone to do the job. After all, isn’t it just a matter of creating links to your website from other websites? What’s the big deal? Can’t I just do the job myself and save my money for something more important? To answer that question, allow me to ask you another question:

Why bother going to a doctor to get diagnosed and treated? Can’t you just look up your symptoms on WebMD and find out that you have a rare tropical disease nobody has ever heard of? In other words, you go to a professional because they tend to know quite a bit more than you do and you do your own research only to ensure that you know the questions that need to be asked.

The Problem is with Potential Damage

There was a time when we could have told you that if you wanted to try a do it yourself approach to reputation management, you could do it. The worst that could happen is that you’d need to hire a pro to get the job done correctly for you after you weren’t seeing the kind of results that you wanted to see from your own efforts.

However, all that changed recently when Google started to seriously crack down on amateur hour efforts at SEO. These days, if you were to try to do your own reputation management online, you could potentially see yourself doing real damage to your business. In fact, it’s possible to do so much damage that we couldn’t fix it for you after the fact.

It’s Like Trying to Perform Your Own Operations

Going back to our previously analogy for a moment, it used to be that if you did your own reputation management, it would be like finding that you have that rare tropical disease based on vague symptoms you found on WebMD. Today however, given the complexity of getting your name into the top of the SERPs, it’s much more serious.

Imagine for example that you decided that rather than paying a surgeon $40,000 to do an appendectomy on your kid, you decided that you have surgical equipment and a clean table and you can just follow a video on what to do. Of course, nobody would be insane enough to try (and if you are that insane, please seek help now).

However, people still seem to think that even in this complex environment, reputation management and indeed SEO is not all that hard to do. The fact is though that it is incredibly difficult and really does require a pro. If you do it yourself, don’t complain to us when your business suffers irreparable damage as a result.