What You Need to Do to Expunge a DUI History

Driving your car while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very imprudent decision. This act can cost you asubstantial fine or your freedom. You can get under arrest for drunk driving and this charge may result to expensive fines, community service, jail time and a permanent record.

A DUI conviction in your record can have a negative impact which may affect many aspects of your life. Even after you have paid the charges, attended drunk driving classes, and attended your sentence, you may know that a DUI conviction on your record can become a form of sentence on its own. For example, a permanent record can hinder you from getting a job, loan or from renting a decent apartment. And so, you need to have your DUI record erased or expunged

What Is Expungement?

When the court decides to expunge a criminal record, it essentially means that the conviction is closed or erased. Therefore, when a background check is done, the record won’t show up. This is very helpful for those people who are looking for employment, applying for a loan, or other important purposes.

Take note though that the record is not totally deleted. It can still be seen by law enforcers and court administrators to investigate whether the person has past run-ins with the law. But an expungement will keep the permanent record fromtarnishing the individual’s life.

How to Expunge A DUI

  1. Learn and understand what it means to expunge a DUI record. As previously said, DUI is aneverlasting record. If it gets erased, all the information about the case such as the files, criminal charges and records will be closed. This means that in case you apply for anoccupation, you can tell your possible employer that you have never been under arrest, accused, or imprisoned of DUI.
  2. Know about the laws concerning the expungement process: You need to comprehend that expungement process may change from state to state. To that end, you need to check with your country’s court or law enforcement agency where the detentionsad arrests are expunged. You have to ask about the requirements, including certificate that shows you have anaccomplished probation and how many years before you can get your DUI erased. There are some states that permitinstant expungement for some cases, like the first offense in driving under influence (DUI).
  3. You have to complete the process: It is important to answer all the necessary forms and asks for expungement, such as the Motion to Expunge. After filling out the formal request, you will have to submit the application to the court and pay the fees that are required. You must then be presentat the expungement hearing once it is arranged by the court. Finally, you may also be required to appear in front of a judge.

If everything went well, the judge will decide to the expungement plea. He will then give a court order to expunge or erasethe DUI record.