5 Professional Ways of Responding to Negative Comments Online

Negative Comments

In business, you just cannot ignore what’s being said about you online. The 5 tips and tricks to effectively steer the treacherous path of social media reviews are below.

The Internet is a free-for-all of consumer remarks and reviews—and some of these comments, unavoidably, can be negative. As a business owner, however, it’s sometimes difficult to respond to these comments, and when to just let them go.

  1. Respond Properly. Reading negative comments about your business or your products and services results to vindicating yourself that the reviews are wrong. Even though these are natural responses it won’t just boos your business. Whatever you do, don’t blame a commenter for a false comment. Don’t take it personally and write accusatory in return. Instead, pay attention to what has been said, and then respond appropriately and in professional way.


  1. Be Brief. Do not reveal too much in your response to a bad comment. Social media is a public space, and everybody else could see it and it won’t help. Try to apologize and say, “We’re sorry about your experience. Please call our service line if you would like to talk about the problem.” Keep it brief to help avoid problems and this also will encourage your clients to contact you instantly to fix the problems.


  1. Remember That Everyone’s Reading Your Responses. Probably the most important thing to put in mind is that everyone else is reading them. Although some won’t comment themselves, they’ll read others comments and pay attention to how your business operates. Taking actions to negative comments is an opportunity for you to show customers and potential clients of how caring, kind and dedicated you are with them andwith your business. Showing that your business listens to and responds to reviews in a suitable manner could create a sense of trust and loyalty.


  1. Hire Someone to Do Your Rebuttal. To get the most out of the social media, consider hiring someone such as a media manager to stay attentively in responding and interacting with the people in public. Doing this route, first, make sure to set a clear, reliable policy about commenting and responding to comments and reviews. Having someone managing your social media, existence is possibly one of the best ways to keep negative reviews and comments from ruining your day at work. But make sure to check now and then to see that the comment made and the help they are revealing.


  1. Stay positive. Even if getting negative feedback is hard, show them that your business is genuine in engaging and handling services and clients. People are not looking for perfect business transactions online. What they are looking for is humanity and a good response. They need good social responsibility business who could give their needs in a responsive way. Handle them correctly; negative comments are positive ways to enhance your products and services. They draw your attention in many business positive qualities. Regardless of how you feel, you should adopt these online criticisms in your business. Always remember that the best way to go about replying to negativity is to take the conversation offline.