Smear Campaigns? Know the Ways to Remove Them from Search Engine

Smear Campaigns? Know the Ways to Remove Them from Search Engine

If you or your business is a victim negative review or smear campaigns online, you do not have to push the panic button to restore your company’s reputation to its former glory yet. In fact, big companies and brands do experience this all throughout their business life. After all, no one can please everyone; it is like finding the needle in the haystack. Some companies have their media department to handle all those negative reviews and eliminate them from the web through legal suits but how can small to medium companies keep up with these types of problems? If you or your company is on a tight budget, then you might want to consider some of the techniques below before employing the services of online reputation companies.

  1. Talk

The first thing you need to do once you find a negative review about your website is to contact the webmaster to have the content removed from the site. Some administrators would remove the content especially if it violates or is slanderous to the company. If the webmaster declines to get rid of the content especially if the website is a review site, you may request the chance to contact the reviewer and have the dispute resolved. This way, other reviewers or visitors would be able ty see how your company is able to fix the problem. Negating the bad review with a positive move would help change the person’s perception and if the reviewer is happy with how their complaints were remedied, this can be great evidence to your company.

2.If you can’t remove it, bury it

This is like concealing the bad reviews with the good comments and feedbacks. There are some cases that you can’t contact the webmaster or the reviewer really had a sad experience with your business and reject any help from your company. The second best thing to conduct is to increase good content and push it down the search engine especially in Google. Bad reviewswill not immediately be removed but with quality and fresh content from your site, bad reviews will likely be brought to the third or fourth pages of Google. Studies expose that many users do not go further the first few pages of the search result to search for the information and things they need.

  1. Learn

It is very important to avoid this thing from happening all over again. Many businesses do not learn from their mistake and often times, they are expensive causing the company to lose thousands of bucks just to control the damage. So, you should always check customer feedbacks and do random after sales service to know if the customers have any problems with the company or are happy with the services that they have received. If the customer is unsatisfied, then don’t be shy to ask what needs to be done and improved. If they are pleased, you can ask for positive feedbacks, reviews or testimonials that you can post on your website.