Simple and Free Ways to Track Your Online Reputation

Track Your Online Reputation

It is a basic marketing fact that a happy customer creates a ripple effect, which attracts more potential customers; while a displeased customer, through negative comment, shoo away future customers. In a world, which is progressively becoming linked, it makes sense to continually watch over online reputation of a business and take counteractive steps as soon as possible to reverse negative publicity. It also makes sense to work with experts in the field who have advanced knowledge in checking out online reputation for their clients. This establishes the reason why one needs to keep an eye over clients, pleased or angry, and competitors.

There are some equally simple ways of handling your online reputation. Most of the possible customers use numerous search engines to collect information about a product or services before placing an order. Google is the widely used search engine. Firstly, monitor your SERP results, secondly keep your product and services profile update on social media sites, and create trackers, like Google alert or Google Blog Search, which are free to deal with your online reputation.

You can monitor your online reputation by occasionally entering the name of your product/business’ website on a universally used search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing and checking at the first three pages of the results. SERP will give you search results for your business. Check carefully all the details mentioned about your business website. Google has materialized with a free service, ‘Google alert’, which sends you an email every time your product/service is cited on the web.

Another tool, known as ‘Google Blog Search’ also regularly keeps watch over your interests and works a complete search of all blogs, which state your product or services, and lists them out.

Social media is another type which has become very useful marketing tool. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Individual Google profile, Website Google profile, and LinkedIn Company pages are part of social media. Therefore, if you have created a sales page for your product or services, it is important you assess the influence it has created over a period of time.”Social Mention” is a powerful app; you can use it to monitor follow news of you reputation on the social media periodically.

Another valuable app is ‘BoardTracker’ which checks out on discussion boards and forums and tells you if your business is cited there. These are free tools but there three more apps, ‘Trackur’,’ Buzzlogic’ and ‘Sentiment Metrics’, which are paid services and can help you to searchabout your reputation online.

Aside from the ways listed above the basic of tracking online reputation is to keep your eyes and ears always open. If your web business has a strong online presence you better be on your toes!

As internet gains in reputation it becomes important for businesses to monitor of their reputation online to showcase any positive feedback or to take corrective measure to counter any bad publicity. SERP, trackers and free alerts help in creating a wide-ranging marketing tracking technique for businesses that need to work online to boost their sales and leads.