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Remove Negative Feedback about Your Small Business with these 7 Practical Ways

There are no easy and fast solutions to getting rid of or pushing negative reviews and feedbacks,bad press, nasty comments and false ideas about your small business down the search engine results pages. You cannot please everybody. However, there are ways you can do to neutralize the negativism about your business, products or services.

  1. Take immediate action. Do not think of ignoring the protest will solve the issue.
  2. Ask descriptive questions so you can draft your plan of action. Are assembly instructions incomplete? Would another color or size be better?Does the widget work in a different way than promised or simply not as projected? Is the client simply trying to get something for useless?
  3. Write to correct the wrong. Make a useful content that addresses the perceived issue. If your customers feel they spend too much for their wonder widget, create content about “25 unexpected ways to use your wonder widget” or list or make a video about “how the wonder widget can save you money.” Submit your content in a wide variety of formats such as text, audio, video and in authority sites such as in article directories, Facebook, Twitter, on your blog, Web page, forums and other social networking sites.
  4. Double-check your contract and your assurance. Have you lived up to your guarantees and promises?If so, review the contract with the customer. Tweet about your agreement. Post feedbacks and testimonials about your outstanding customer service.
  5. Know the real problem behind the disapproval and protest and offer a resolution you and the pessimist can live with today and in the future.
  6. If the problem needs a universal solution–you really did overlook step four in the assembly guide, for example–post step-by-stepguidelines, an audio or video how-to guide, or rectifications to the existing manual on your web site, in your blog, as an article in your newsletter, as links on social media forums, and wherever the original concern appeared.
  7. Create many useful and interesting content in your company’s name so that the negative review will be pushed down the search engine rankings because you have several articles, comments on forums, blog posts, tweets, testimonials and updates on social networking sites and unique web page content to take its place or conceal it.

Some bonus advice: Determine the warning signs of customer dissatisfaction—ignoring e-mail, phone calls, or other types of communication, failure to pay in a well-timed manner, not providing the information or material important to complete the work you are doing for them; a sudden change of mood; and sharing bad reviews with others–so you can be active and hands-on.