Proven Ways to Use Social Media to Rebuild Your Online Brand

how social media can fix your reputation online

So your online reputation has taken a beating – it happens to the best of us sometimes. What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the skill required to rebuild a reputation or brand once it has taken some damage.

One of the many ways reputation enhancers and brand crisis professionals do this is by creatively and effectively using social media. It’s a complicated science that only the top experts in the field of reputation enhancement often get right – but understanding how it can work to fix your reputation can be your key to renewed success online.

In addition to news articles and a few other specific types of relevant information, Google prioritizes updates from major social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook in its search results. Usually a bad reputation comes from having a negative article or bad reference on the first page of your brand’s or your own Google search results, so having frequent and high-quality social media updates regarding you or your business can quickly boost your reputation by pushing those bad apples off of Google’s (or any other search engine’s) first page.

The effect is temporary, though, as these updates become less relevant over time. Despite that, they’re still extremely useful for two reasons. First, they can provide a quick boost to your reputation to protect you in the meantime while reputation enhancement services like our own work in the background. Second, if social media posts mention you often enough (or you create enough relevant content on your own social media profiles), this temporary reputation boost can be extended indefinitely. Usually only professional reputation enhancers can fully utilize this second benefit, though.

You can also use blogging sites, a sort of cousin to social media, to create more long-lasting results to push negative content related to you off of Google’s first page. Internet marketers and online reputation specialists have figured out how to best utilize blogs in this manner over time, including a wide variety of possible search terms and tweaks to search engines’ algorithms so as to most quickly and completely fix your online reputation.

Last but not least, social media and blogs can serve as a point of contact with potential customers, employers, or others, showing a side of you beyond the bad press. In other words, social media and blogging are good not only to push negative search engine results out of the way, but to work to put you and your brand in a more positive light by introducing others to all of your successes and good qualities.