The Problem with Other Reputation Management Services


A lot of reputation management services out there on the internet engage in some sketchy, black hat practices. Others simply do not devote the necessary time and resources to every customer. Engaging in either of these practices means that these companies can not get their clients consistent, good results.

This has given the online reputation management industry as a whole a bad name. This is one reason Yasir Khan decided to found Reputation Enhancer in the first place – because a lot of people legitimately need good reputation management services, and shouldn’t have to worry about scams or about reputation management firms that engage in unfair practices.

There are a lot of problems with other reputation management firms that our business has sworn never to have.

They Often Engage in Black Hat SEO Practices

In case you don’t know, professionals in the tech world (including search engine optimizers, reputation managers, and even hackers) use the terms white hat and black hat to refer to different kinds of business practices.

White hat firms use techniques to improve your reputation or SEO that are acceptable. In the reputation management industry, this includes using legitimate, well-written good information about your company to overwhelm bad news, as well as helping you respond ethically and responsibly to reputation crises both on and offline.

Black hat firms engage in unethical and sometimes illegal practices including at worst scamming their “customers” and at best using devious methods to trick Google or the other search engines into repressing negative information about your company. These methods include using spam and creating false information.

Reputation Enhancer is a 100% white hat company, and we stand by white hat reputation management and SEO principles. Beyond our moral and legal obligation to conduct ourselves in a white hat manner, we also recognize that white hat techniques are better for our clients in the long term. While black hat SEO and reputation management techniques can often get results faster, results gotten through legal, ethical, and transparent methods usually stick around much longer.

They Don’t Take the Time to Get to Know Their Customers

Even our competitors that exclusively use white hat SEO and reputation management techniques often make another fatal error: they don’t take the time to get to know their customers. This is a big mistake in our industry.

One of the things we are most proud of ourselves about here at Reputation Enhancer is that we get to know every customer individually. Keeping our client base small and exclusive and keeping a large enough team on staff are a big part of this. Many of the larger reputation management agencies rely too much on automation to get the job done.

We examine each client’s reputation online in depth before getting to work, and try to talk to each of our clients on the phone every once in a while. This helps us get a sense of what might be out there already to help us improve their reputations. It also allows us to get to know the people and businesses we help with our services.