Maintain Your Online Reputation with Quality Backlinks

These days, you need every advantage you can get if you are determined to make a living online. SEO has become harder and harder to do and there competition for keyword dominance has become increasingly sophisticated. In fact, it’s gotten so that many of the old methods of doing SEO no longer work. However, there are still ways to make things work and to manage your online reputation.

What Does It Mean to Manage My Reputation Online?

There are actually several facets to online reputation management. One of them is of course ensuring that negative material about your company gets buried, especially when it’s untrue and promoted by the competition in order to drive themselves up by driving you down. The other part is to create a positive image of your company online.

In essence, the idea is to make sure that when people search for your website or even find you because they did a keyword search, they’ll see the things that you want them to see and not the things you don’t want them to see.

How Quality Backlinks Help

You may have read elsewhere that backlinks are dead as a method for doing SEO. This is simply untrue. It is true that junky, spammy backlinks are dead as a method for doing SEO and well they should be. Google’s engineers have been working for years to try to find ways to thwart the bad actors in the world of SEO and they have largely succeeded in doing exactly that with their latest efforts.

However, good quality backlinks are not only still important to SEO, they are also important for reputation management. In essence, by creating good quality backlinks which come from high PR, relevant web pages, you are able to create an online reputation for yourself which can fix problems caused by others.

Why Do I Need Reputation Management Though?

It’s really simple – there are still bad people out there trying to build themselves up by tearing down the competition. One of the methods they use is to create spammy, junk links to your website so that it will get hit hard by Google’s algorithm. Now while Google does allow you to disavow such links, that only goes so far.

If you are trying to bury those junk links then the very best way to do it is with high quality links. It’s kind of like the way we Americans say that the best way to combat hate speech is with better quality positive speech. Trying to stamp out the hate speech never works. However, showing that you have the better argument (or in this case, the better quality links) does make the hate speech (or the junk links) insignificant.

Bottom Line

Look, the online world is constantly changing and the only way to ensure that your business will continue to stay on top rather than getting trashed in the rankings is to use a good quality reputation management service which uses high quality, relevant backlinks to ensure that your message gets through while the bad guy’s message is buried.