How to Tap Another Benefit of Blogging: Guest Posts

guest posts blogging can save your online reputation

We here at Reputation Enhancer really value blogging as a way of improving your online reputation, and since we recently did a post educating readers about how it can boost a positive online reputation and save a negative one, we thought we’d add another about a less-discussed facet of blogging that can also help to push negative results for Google searches of your name aside and put positive or neutral ones in their place.

What is it? Guest posting.

In case you don’t know, guest posting is when you write blog posts or articles for other blogs under your own name, and it can have huge benefits for you and for the company or individual that requests the guest post.

Whenever you write a guest post for another blog, your name, and possibly the name of your business or organization, is attached to that post forever – which means that it can potentially show up on Google or other search engine searches for your name or your company’s name. This is especially true if the blog you’re writing a guest post for is already a popular or respected one, or if you write guest posts for multiple blogs.

The only hard thing about guest posting is breaking in.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is establish yourself as an expert in a particular field or at a particular type of blogging, so that your guest posts look attractive to potential clients.

Then you’ll need to find blogs to write guest content for. There are a couple ways you can go about this:

  1. Contacting blogs you already read regularly and are very familiar with. This is one of the best ways to find clients for guest posting, as you’ll already know what type of subjects and style of writing the blog in question likes.
  2. Using a service like, which sets up blog owners looking for guest posts and great writers who can provide those posts for them. This works best if you’re a great writer and you’re comfortable writing about a variety of subjects.
  3. Cold-calling blogs you don’t know much about already to ask to write guest posts for them. This is the most difficult method, but can be a success if you approach it in one of two ways:
    1. Researching the blogs in question extensively before contacting them, and/or
    2. Contacting a lot of blogs.

If you have the time and expertise for it, any and all of these methods can be a great way of improving your online brand and getting positive material about yourself or your business out there. Just remember what matters most to your online reputation: what customers can see about you or your business on Google’s (or similar companies’) SERPs for searches related to you.

Guest posting can also lead to other opportunities for networking, employment, and business partnerships. It’s also a great way for you to supplement the kinds of behind-the-scenes work that our company does to get you positive results even faster!