How to Remove Bad Press Release on Google


No matter how good your business or company is, some people will always write something negative about your website, product or service, even if you put your best foot forward to help them.

Some business rivals might like to ruin your name online by creating fake reviews about your site or some customers might post bad feedbacks about your product or service in their blogs.

The real problem for you is when those bad press release and negative reviews appear on the first page of Google. So, what can you do?

  1. Fix the problem

If people post bad press release about your business, product or service, the first thing you need to do is fix the problem that caused you bad image online.

  1. It does not hurt to ask

Send the webmaster of the website where the bad reviews are posted a polite email asking for the deletion of those bad feedbacks. Many of the web admin will likely to cooperate with you of you explain clearly the issue.

  1. Ask for testimonials from happy and satisfied customers

If you receive good comments from the customers, ask them to write a feedback on,, and other review sites.

  1. Give web pages with positive comments a boost

If the webmaster does not want to eliminate the bad review about your business, products or services, look for websites that has positive comments about your site.

Link to these websites from your own page to increase the link popularity of these pages. The more links the pages with the good reviews have, the higher they will beindexed and ranked in the search engine results especially Google.

If appropriate, bookmark web pages with positive feedbacks about your website on social bookmark sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Redditetc.

  1. Add your website to company wiki pages

Websites like let you create an article about your business, products or services. You might even want to create an entry in Wikipedia.

These Wiki pages will also appear in search engines when someone searcher for your business name, products or services.

  1. Ensure that your own website tops the search results

If your own website comes first for business name then people will click on your link and will not go further. Use IBP to be sure that your own website is one the first place in the search engine results.

Getting rid of bad reviews from the search engine results takes time, effort and patience. Therefore, in order to avoid negative comments from the start, always offer products and good customer support.

  1. Write

Creating high quality articles can help you kill three birds with one stone. Not only it can rank your website, they also build quality backlinks and place you as an expert in your field. You can brand your business, products or services and add links in the resource box at the end of an article. Putting your business name in the article body gives it a better chance of ranking well.