How to Rectify your Ruined Online Reputation

How to Rectify your Ruined Online Reputation

Online reviews and feedbacks are considered as a smear of character whenever one or more parts of a review are truthfully wrong or are deceptive. By not telling the whole story, the author of the review may make an impression that is far from being a replication of the true position.

Dissatisfied customers tend to make a one sided story about their experience with a business which means that readers and other possible customers are not being told of the whole truth. Therefore, in this article will share to you how you can try to counter the attack of online bad reviews about your business.

Scope out the Damage

Firstly, know what damaging information is on the web. Search you name at Google, yahoo and Bing and see what turns up in the first four pages of results. Anything troubling? Mark it for action. Then sign up for the alerts available at spots like Google Alerts, when information about you is posted or updated, you will know via email.

Keeping of your reputation is time-consuming indeed, so you may need assistance.’s Reputation Defender gives paid members with monthly search reports that detail the information available about them on blogs, photo and video sites, news sources and social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

An item does not need to be shameful to hurt your job prospects. “If it increases a shadow of a doubt about the applicant, the employer is not going to hire that person,” says Ross Chanin, vice president of operations for Reputation Defender.

Conceal It

Therefore, you had done something wrong in the past. Now you want to ensure no one finds that record of your foolishness. Scott Allen, coauthor of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online, recommends concealing the bad with positive ones. That means creating new content about you and your business, such as blog or website. “It’s not that you can make the stuff die out,” he says. “It’s that you make so much better thing that you can’t find the bad thing.”

Just make sure you make valuable material. If possible, Allen says, submit your writing at authority sites and sources, such as industry publications. In the end, publishing your own content goes only so far. “If it’s apparent it came from you, it can only do so much,” he says.

Hire an Online Reputation Management

An over flowing number of reputation management services can help you deal or clear your name online. Together with, these services include Naymz and Defend my name. Nevertheless,handling your reputation does not always come low-cost. provides services ranging at $3,000 per annum. Under these plans, the company makes use ofa number of approaches and tactics to boost your online reputation and make sure that the positive reviews about you are ranked in the search engine result pages.

Reputation is very important and if you are not hard working, you may end up paying a costly service.