How To Neutralize A Bad Online Review

Bad Online Review

Nowadays, reviews are no longer simply the field of business critics. Thanks to the Internet, people could make reviews for everything. Just type your business name into any search engine, and you will probably locate a list of reviews right alongside of your address, phone number and web site link. These days, it is very frequent for people to research information about a company online before patronizing that business. So what should you do if someone has left a negative review online, and is able to be seen by everybody?

  1. DON’T PANIC. A negative review shouldn’t harm your business. On the other hand, a long compilation of negative reviews might. If you feel that a negative review was unfair, there are steps you can apply to outsmart them.


  1. READ THE REVIEW AND KNOW ITS WORTH. People make reviews both negative and positive, but negative experiences brought them up to write negative feedbacks than the positive ones. Read the review and aim to determine its legitimacy. Think of this. Is it really probable that the event the person is relating really did happen? If you have remembered the certain incident or person involved, is it too late to resolve it? Frequently, if someone has written a negative review, resolving the problem can encourage the customer to record with a positive one describing how the business take actions to fix the situation. Thus, records of positive reviews would only serve to reinforce your credibility with other review readers who can read that your business is with integrity.


  1. OFFER YOUR OWN NEGATION. If you’re feeling that the negative reviews about your business are unreasonable, there are certain habits to offer a negation. You cannot get rid of someone else’s review, rarely sites that permit for reviews also permit someone to comment on a particular review. If so, leave comments, but know that you are an owner and try to keep lie-low. Stay as a professional, and keep your feedback clean and inexpressive. If you can’t react to a review directly, take your site or blog and post your own negation. A blog post clarifying the assumed problem (without naming names) can go a long way to counterattack something that is wrong.


  1. POST YOUR CUSTOMER SATISFACTION POLICY. Mistakes happen a lot; it’s unavoidable. People should know that. But handling them is critical. Apply these policies. These things will prove that their satisfaction is the most important thing to you.


  1. ENCOURAGE GOOD CUSTOMERS TO WRITE GOOD REVIEWS. Most of the people who read online reviews of a business try to make reviews into account before making a good decision. If a negative review offset the good ones, encourage your good customers to give review. Tell them how you value their opinions and feedbacks and it will be a big help if they make a quick post about what value they find in doing transactions with you. E-mail them a link to the review site, to make it convenient for them to write a review.


THE BOTTOM LINE IS. Never let a negative review get you down! Believe in your business and know that you are giving your best to deliver quality products and services to your people, the good reviews and clients will ultimately follow.