How to Handle Online Reputation Like a PRO


Most businesses today knows how important online reputations are, but many either haven’t prioritized it yet or don’t maintain that name properly. Online reputation is crucial it helps customers view your company in either a positive way which results to more profits or a bad way which drive customers way and do business with your competitor.

Based on a survey conducted by BrightLocal, about 88%of consumers rely on the reviews they read online and recommendations from friends when it to comes to doing business online. If thesereviews are defaming, customers will walk away with your business and turn to your rival. Thus, boosting online reputation and making sure good reviews are the ones posted is important to keep customers and sales coming.

The following are the three crucial factors on how to handle online reputation like a PRO:

Communicate with Customers

Unable to communicate with your customers in one of the most popular complaints found on reviews sites. They often leave customers hanging or clueless about when a new product will be launched or when an upgrade will be finished. By replying to these complaints, it shows that you are dedicated and willing to help your costumers no matter what the issue is. And it’s better if you had their problems answered or addresses before they make a complaint about you online.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google Alerts allow you to monitor certain search term. Once that term or name appears across the web, on blog posts, reviews sites or social media, you be informed. You can set up a Google alert with your business name and anybody lined with it to see what is being posted or said about the you or your business. Knowing about what’s being said about your company can help you see your weak side and what parts need to be improved.

If you get innovative with it, there’s actually quite a few ways to do with Google Alerts. By setting alerts for the names of your business rivals, you can see what they are up to and what the customers love about them. This will help you better know what products and services are the most practical or well-liked, and which marketing strategies to employ to help attract the attention and interest of those customers to you. You can even set an alert for business-related terms to identify what popular trends are in the region at any given time.

Make Sure Customers Leave Reviews

Most customers may actually love your product or service. The problem is, most of them simply don’t leave reviews because they don’t have a problem about it. The best way to make sure customers post reviews is to have a link placed directly on your website to where they can leave reviews. Make it very noticeable, possibly add them on a download page or receipt page and also include them on any follow-up or thank you emails. These links should direct people and customers to your Trust Pilot page, Yelp profile, Google My Business listing and other authority review sites.