How to Eliminate/Remove Negative Reviews From Google

How to Eliminate/Remove Negative Reviews From Google

There are various reasons that you may want to handle your online reputation. Since the web has become interactive, meaning customers can keep in touch with website owners; you must be exhausted negative reviews and do everything in your power to deal with your reputation on the organic search engine results. One post from amad customer can ruinyou and your online business.

Better Business Bureau low rating, Yelp reviews, negative, Craigslist posts, negative forum posts, etc. are some other ways unhappy people can use to post negative feedbacks about your business. If these sitesdon’t rank in Google then it would not be such a problem but because they are authority sites they are always in the first page of search engines.

The effects of having negative reviews meanthat customers are skeptical to do business with you. They may even tell their friends, family and coworkers not to buy anything from you because they had bad service experience. Would you want to purchase from store with without positive rankings? I think not. So why would anybody else on the web buy from a website that has received bad reviews.

A good way to keep track if your site has any negative feedback is to type in different variation of your company name/website in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Scroll down through the first four pages to see if anything bad had posted about you. If you see there is, immediately take actions in order to eliminate those.

Now that you are aware of bad feedback and the influence it can have on your business or company you may be thinking what you can do to get rid of it. The simplest and easiest way is to personally handle any complaints against you company and make sure that angry customer problems are remedied. Sadly, there are times that are not possible and the customer is annoyed and wants to do everything in their power to disseminate the bad press about your business, products or services. This means you have to counter the attack, by creating or promoting existing pages for those specific targeted keywords that are bringing up the negative reviews. You can build new sites and ensure they are made around specific targeted keywords that point out negative feedback about your site. Promote these new sites by creating quality links and submitting the new sites to authoritative websites and high PR directories. The other solution is to evaluate the websites just below the negative review and try to push those sites up the search engine rankings. This can be one by promoting and building back links to these websites. In time, these sites will beat the negative results and overpower the search results.

These tips and tricks are proven to help you eliminate negative feedback or remarks about your company, business or products and hinder them from showing up on the search results. Remember that this is acontinuing process and the negative reviews will start to resurface if you do not continue to keep tracks the new sites that substituted the negative feedback. This will show your customers that you really care for them and will help you increase sales leads and in the end, your business’s bottom line.