How to Counteract Bad Reviews on Yelp

Counteract Bad Reviews on Yelp

Love or hate it, Yelp and other consumer reviews sites are here to stay. As a business, for every positive review can boost your online presence you will struggle 10 timesas much for each bad reviews. Badposts affect a business’s overall Yelp “star” rating and this is the first thing consumers notice next to your Yelp listing. As adevoted Yelp user, I know firsthand that what users have to say about you, can affect others. Good reviews establish good name online and bring in new opportunities. Bad reviews frighten possible and even current customers away.

Imagine this: You are with a bunch of friends searching for a place to eat after a movie. You get your smartphone and search your Yelp app to find for nearby restaurants. You see a couple of suggestion that you run by your friends and the first thing they ask is, “what does Yelp say about them?” In other words, they are already programmed to get rid of the establishments with the weaker ratings. It happens all too often to the dissatisfaction of many businesses, since it is not something they can easily regulate. However, unless something extreme happens, Yelp is here for the long haul and it is up to businesses to hold it and make the most of it. Below are the 5 way to fight negative reviews on Yelp:

  1. Take ownership.

It is important to “claim this business,” on Yelp. By doing so, you will be able to answer to reviewers, or “Yelpers,” who have given you a bad rating in a public forum so that prospective visitors can see that you are working to correct any issues.

  1. Fix it. After answering to bad reviews, the noticeable thing to do is fix the problem. Like for example, a fish dish that doesn’t pair well with round cabbage may be better served with spinach. The light glaze you use for your particular wood products should be dressed with a thicker coat. But, it doesn’t make any business sense to throw out all of your wood products because one Yelper thought the paint coat was too light. You should at least make the effort to fix any problems or areas of concern but within reason.
  2. Create a social following. You can establish your good name online by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Instagram. If your business can set up a community and institute itself within local social groups, active Yelpers are more than likely to be kind and go a little easier on bad reviews. To simplify, you do not want to be talking trash about everyone’s friend.

3. Take advantage of Yelp. As a business, you can subscribe to a wide variety of tools that can help you bring in more customers. With more Yelpers using your products and services, this gives you opportunity to increase your overall business rating. You can also collaborate with Yelp to partake in events where the majority of those joining are active Yelpers. Put on your best showing at these events and watch your Yelp rating increase over time.