How to Control the Online Negative Reviews

Online Negative Reviews

Consumers often rely on the opinions and feedbacks of others when deciding to buy online. Based onone of the best customer service software platforms, Zendesk, about 88% are influenced by online customer service reviews when making purchase decision.

  1. Respond Immediately.

Quickly responding to negative reviews shows the customer that you care and value their opinion. It may also be the channel that results in a person who had a bad experience with your business giving you a second chance. Respond them with professionalism.

  1. Take The Issue Offline.

Depending on the problem, rather than responding into a review and leave comments publicly, it might be better to reply via email, phone or much better, personally.

  1. Be Polite.

A negative review, particularly one that expresses a strong thought, may motivate to emotions that could lead to a bad sterner response than necessary. Take time to collect you thoughts and respond positively. After talking to that person, you will find there is value to his comments, take practical steps to resolve the situation.

  1. Check Your Online Presence.

In order to respond to reviews, you first need to know what customers are talking about and why they are talking about it.Online reputation monitoring tools such as Reputology, Review Trackers and Social Mentioncan help. Set up your Google alerts and social media management tools.

  1. Take Negative Reviews Seriously.

In most cases, people who leave negative reviews aren’t out to libel you. They simply want to express their opinion about the experience. Take such reviews on their qualities, as they may reveal an area of your business that could benefit from improvement.

  1. Encourage Customer Reviews.

To counterbalance the impact of a negative review, encourage customers to leave reviews. However, nevertry to persuadeor ask them to leave god reviews only. It should be their discretion.

  1. See the Good ina Bad Review

Bad reviews and negative feedbacks can actually have a good strike at your online business. If every review is positive and abounds with four- and five-star ratings, potential customers could become doubtful, feeling that the reviews are “manufactured” rather than being left by real customers. As ironic as it sounds, the fact that negative reviews appear can contribute to building trust, rather than eliminating it.

  1. Share Reviews with Your Employees

Make sure everyone in your company is aware of reviews you are receiving, both good and bad. Not only will that help to make sure that you avoid same problems in the future, but it also establishes a customer-centerpoint of view among your employees.