How Remove Bad Business PR from Google and Start Anew

Remove Bad Business PR from Google

Have you ever search your company in Google to see what shows up. You had better be. A trusted online reputation is very important in the modern business world, from A ratings on hotels and restaurants to good reviews and now Google searches. If you find negative reviews when you search your business, the best thing to do is remove them before they spread and tarnish your name across the web. Another good way is to feed Google with quality and fresh content that promote a positive reputation and abolish negative comments and feedbacks on the first page of a search.

Bad PR happens when an unhappy customer post negative comments about your business products or services. They may havebad experience or dispute with the owner of the website. The best ways to fight these online negativities and protect your reputation is to keep track of it to see how widespread it is. If it is prevalent then you have to do some major internal fixes. You can create and publish content that address the issue. Last but not the least;engage the dissatisfaction in efforts to solve their complaints. If the complaints have no value, then provide the facts and ask for rectifications. Also, be ready to answer with your own blog; be honest, transparent and listen.

Blogs are excellent way to drive quality traffic to your site, get rank and increase sales of your website. The article and keywords of your blog should be relevant to your products and/or services and give readers useful information. Add links to the body of your blog and post regularly. and are two of the best blogging platforms that help you get rank in search engines.

Do not forget to brand yourself. Branding will allow customers and possible clients to link the products and services they like with a brand they can think of. You can use Naymz to store and recommend your brand and help improve your Google ratings as well.

After branding yourself, you can add it to your blog and create other pages that link to your site. Google consider sub-domains as separate sites and will help them rank in the search engine result pages.This will help you remove or push down negative reviews until it is hidden in the last pages of Google. The more websites you have with your products or services, the better the chances of increasing sales and establishing customer relations.

Still haven’t shove those bad PR on the first two pages of Google? Sign up on social media sites like FaceBook, Twiiter and LinkeIn. Put your business logo and photos, link them to your webpage so that customers can link these profiles with your business, and hold it with respect.

Whether you are building a reputation or reestablishing and old one, make sure that you are using related keywords and providing readers with original and though-provoking content. Promote your business, product and services through social networks, various sites and blogs. After a month, the former bad reviews are removed from the first two pages of Google and your website can now start again.