How Fix Negative Search Results

How Fix Negative Search Results

The idea behind fixing negative results about your online reputation is creating useful contentgood enough to outrank the ad reviews. But, as always it easier said than done. Luckily, these methods are accessible, though. The only thing you need to do is exert effort, though none of the approach is hard. Apply these strategies for pushing down and later on concealing the bad reviews with good content and results for your name online.

Optimize your content

Using Search engine optimization (SEO) makes you content search and user-friendly. You need not to be expert to make it easy for Google to crawl and index your content. For many businesses and people, using real full name is the most crucial step of optimization. You must use specific page titles, create user friendly website and always write content that are useful and informative. To learn and understand more about SEO, check theSearch Engine Optimization Starter Guide on Google.

Use your real name everywhere

Using your real name across the web or when commenting on blogs improves your online reputation on the search engine result pages. As long as you’re not embarrassed of what you’re posting, it’s always a good and crucial step to use your real name. You never know what will ignite Google’s interest. Just keep in mind that you should be in your best online behavior especially you are using your real name.

Create blogs

Whether you have your domain name or not, it is always best to create a blog. Google loves blogs especially if your content is interesting and very fresh. Use your real name, write about the area of your niche or interest and don’t forget to link it.

Maintain active accounts

The more active profiles you can have, better it is for your online reputation. It is best to set up as many social media accounts as you can, active profiles are better than resting ones, not just for search results, by for your overall online brand image and reputation. Make and follow a lot of friends, followers and connections and truthfully create a community on your social profiles. Join in the network and boost your online profile more.

Write a press release

Writing press release about you or your business online makes good and interesting news across the web. Most wire services and even major media are likely to pick it up and push it to the first page of search engine results especially in Google.

Truth be told, there are no shortcut to fixing negative results about you online, but there are more ways to counter the attack and save you again. Do your best to get rid of these bad press and negative feedbacks or just outwit them by creating search results that Google loves better.

Any time and effort you spend in this area of reputation management is worth it, as user and Google search results for your name the ones they will see are the good content and news about you. Protect your online reputation and work very hard to maintain good search results about you today.