Got a Good Online Reputation? Here’s 3 Tips to Help Keep It That Way!

How to Keep Your Online Reputation

Whether you’ve used our services here at Reputation Enhancer or you’ve worked on your own to make your online reputation (or your brand’s reputation) better, you don’t want to let all that time and effort go to waste. That’s why we’ve put together these three tips to help you keep your online reputation spotless.

1. Check your online reputation regularly.

Ever heard that old adage “the first step is admitting you have a problem”? It rings true for everything from minor problems like not tidying your desk often to big ones like addiction.

On the Internet, however, there’s another layer. Before you can admit you have a problem, you have to know you have a problem.

The easiest way to be sure you know whether or not you have a problem with your online reputation is to check as frequently as you can. For most sites, such as search engine Google and social media network Facebook, at least a daily check is recommended.

The important thing is to check any site where you or your brand may have a presence—whether that’s a search results page, a social media profile, or a presence on a review site like Yelp. We have an article right here at Reputation Enhancer to help you get started and learn the basics: “What Are the Crucial Steps to Checking Your Online Reputation?”.

Read that article to start, and make a list of sites you’ll check every day. Make sure you add any sites not in that article to your list if their content could affect you or your brand!

2. Resolve negative reviews.

Although it can seem like the world of the internet is a cruel one, most people online are just like most people in the real world—they may be critical or difficult, but they’re not usually outright hostile.

That’s good news for your reputation and your brand’s reputation, because you can turn some of those negative customer reviews out there on the web into positive experiences for your customers and yourself.

The important thing here is to be fast and thorough. You might not be able to do much to change a negative review from three years ago—but if you got a negative review last night and noticed it first thing this morning, that customer might still be open to change his or her mind.

Reach out to the customer if possible and let her or him know what you can do to resolve the problem. You can also make changes at your business that improve on whatever area the customer aimed his or her critique at.

Exactly what you do depends on your personality and the type of business you run or represent. But all of your actions should show one thing—that you care about the customer, even when a customer is against you.

Making the customer feel better or showing the general public an issue is resolved could turn everything around for you, and make a potential negative into a big positive.

3. Offset the bad stuff with more good stuff.

What do you do about those customers you just can’t reach, or a bad review or unfavorable article from years ago that is too late to resolve but still visible to the public?

The best thing to do is to get rid of negative reviews or other content bringing your reputation down entirely, but that is often not possible. And no matter how well you run your business, there is always going to be something on the internet that doesn’t look favorably on you, whether it’s from a customer, a competitor, or a personal acquaintance.

If you can’t expunge a piece of bad content from the internet, you can offset it by creating more positive or neutral content about your business. Consider starting a blog for your business, for example, or giving discounts or other promotions to customers who write reviews.

Although Google and other search engines often list thousands of pages for each search, most internet users never go past the first page. If you can fill that first page up with positive or neutral content like blogs and good reviews, it will push negative content out of the public eye.