DUI Criminal Record: Two Methods to Clear a DUI Arrest


DUI is known as the Driving under the Influence. You might have drunk and driven, were arrested and had been filed with a DUI case and you are in dire need of clearing it for keeping a clean background record for employment.

You can now clear or significantly curtail your DUI records, get your driver license back (if the case maybe) and save money on car insurance.

Most people do not know that they can completely clear the DUI records, or avoid it from appearing from any background checks or even online. Maybe you have an older DUI conviction record and are finding ways to clear and prevent it from showing up on any of the background and criminal records. A DUI conviction records creates a bad reputation and you must immediately remove it from showing up on any of the background searches usually performed during employment.

The steps on clearing your DUI Records are below:

DUI records can be cleared in two effective ways: by hiring and attorney andby you.

Using an Attorney

If you do not have the information to eliminate the DUI records on you own you can hire a professional lawyer who can help clear your DUI records permanently. In that case, you need to choose an attorney who specializes in handling DUI cases and records. Those attorneysembody your state as DUI/ DWI defense attorney. The attorneys must be an expert breath test operator. They also must be a proficient instructor of standardized field sobriety tests (SFST). Therefore, search for the best DUI/DWI Defense Law firm in your state. These lawyers help you to get your driver’s license back and point you to the right car insurance company that helps you save money and effort. Even if you take to go by the professional assistance of lawyer there are few things you must know before doing business with them.

The best way to handle the complicated world of expunction and nondisclosures is to find and hire an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to get the process done right. From start to end, the process can take several months so hiring a lawyer to help the right away is the smart move to get your record properly cleared as quickly as possible. Whether you are able to succeed to have your record completely removed or if you are just able to get a nondisclosure order passed, either case will no doubt benefit you in a good way and give you the fresh start you need after a taxing experience.

Clearing it yourself:

Knowing how to clear your DUI record on your own is not easy. You can complete few forms and then avoid it immediately from appearing on the public records. After you have done that, you are safe; your employer cannotdig your records on any of the public record directories. You can have you driver’s license back and save more money on car insurance all by yourself by completing a few forms.

Now you know the ways available to remove your DUI records. Now go and clear that “X” mark from your background records as soon as possible.