Why It’s So Hard to Get Rid of Negative News Articles on Google (and How to Do It Better)

why reputation wrecking news ranks high on googleIf you’ve ever Googled yourself to check on your online reputation, or even searched with another engine like Yahoo! or Bing, you may have noticed something – those pesky negatives articles from news sources (even tiny unreliable sources like a badly managed small town newspaper) seem to stick in the same place on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) no matter what.

Why? The answer is simple, and once you understand the problem you’ll have a better idea what you can do about it.

Google and the other major search engines exist for one reason: to bring their users the content they want as fast as possible. I’m sure you know by now that each of these search engines has a complex algorithm to determine what pieces of web content are relevant to a user’s search, but there may be some things about those algorithms you don’t yet know.

To get so many results to users so quickly, each major search engine’s algorithm has a couple shortcuts built in. These shortcuts are designed to put the content Google and other search engine users want the most at the front of the pile, faster than a speeding bullet.

What kinds of information and other content does Google prioritize? Often things such as Wikipedia, major social media sites, and news take up the top half of a Google SERP for a person or business name. But why is this?

First it’s important to note that the traffic on all of those sites is extremely high. Even small, local news sites get huge amounts of traffic compared to businesses or blogs based in the same areas.

Secondly, it’s by design. According to this great list of techniques to rank higher on Google, sites like those run by news organizations almost automatically hit all of the right buttons when it comes to search engines.

In addition to high traffic, they boast a high volume of relatively meaningful and relevant content, and also usually have a ton of internal and external links boosting their page ranking.

All of this taken together could explain why some bad news regarding you or your business is still haunting you, sometimes even years later. But what’s more important than understanding why this problem exists is understanding how to beat it.

Remember this: news is time-sensitive. However, because Google may not have any new news articles on you or your business in its index, those old articles will keep showing up. The solution to this problem is simple, though it’s often hard to implement: you have to create new news that shows you and your business in a more positive or at least neutral light to push those old negative articles to the back pages where they belong.

This is actually one of the main techniques our staff uses to improve our clients’ reputations so quickly: by crafting professional, well-written press releases that we send to our various contacts in the news industry.

Getting yourself in the news for a good thing is never easy – especially considering how much people love to read bad news – but it can be one of the best investments you make in terms of your internet reputation.

Got a Good Online Reputation? Here’s 3 Tips to Help Keep It That Way!

How to Keep Your Online Reputation

Whether you’ve used our services here at Reputation Enhancer or you’ve worked on your own to make your online reputation (or your brand’s reputation) better, you don’t want to let all that time and effort go to waste. That’s why we’ve put together these three tips to help you keep your online reputation spotless.

1. Check your online reputation regularly.

Ever heard that old adage “the first step is admitting you have a problem”? It rings true for everything from minor problems like not tidying your desk often to big ones like addiction.

On the Internet, however, there’s another layer. Before you can admit you have a problem, you have to know you have a problem.

The easiest way to be sure you know whether or not you have a problem with your online reputation is to check as frequently as you can. For most sites, such as search engine Google and social media network Facebook, at least a daily check is recommended.

The important thing is to check any site where you or your brand may have a presence—whether that’s a search results page, a social media profile, or a presence on a review site like Yelp. We have an article right here at Reputation Enhancer to help you get started and learn the basics: “What Are the Crucial Steps to Checking Your Online Reputation?”.

Read that article to start, and make a list of sites you’ll check every day. Make sure you add any sites not in that article to your list if their content could affect you or your brand!

2. Resolve negative reviews.

Although it can seem like the world of the internet is a cruel one, most people online are just like most people in the real world—they may be critical or difficult, but they’re not usually outright hostile.

That’s good news for your reputation and your brand’s reputation, because you can turn some of those negative customer reviews out there on the web into positive experiences for your customers and yourself.

The important thing here is to be fast and thorough. You might not be able to do much to change a negative review from three years ago—but if you got a negative review last night and noticed it first thing this morning, that customer might still be open to change his or her mind.

Reach out to the customer if possible and let her or him know what you can do to resolve the problem. You can also make changes at your business that improve on whatever area the customer aimed his or her critique at.

Exactly what you do depends on your personality and the type of business you run or represent. But all of your actions should show one thing—that you care about the customer, even when a customer is against you.

Making the customer feel better or showing the general public an issue is resolved could turn everything around for you, and make a potential negative into a big positive.

3. Offset the bad stuff with more good stuff.

What do you do about those customers you just can’t reach, or a bad review or unfavorable article from years ago that is too late to resolve but still visible to the public?

The best thing to do is to get rid of negative reviews or other content bringing your reputation down entirely, but that is often not possible. And no matter how well you run your business, there is always going to be something on the internet that doesn’t look favorably on you, whether it’s from a customer, a competitor, or a personal acquaintance.

If you can’t expunge a piece of bad content from the internet, you can offset it by creating more positive or neutral content about your business. Consider starting a blog for your business, for example, or giving discounts or other promotions to customers who write reviews.

Although Google and other search engines often list thousands of pages for each search, most internet users never go past the first page. If you can fill that first page up with positive or neutral content like blogs and good reviews, it will push negative content out of the public eye.

How can I remove my mugshot from a website


Many people ask us if there is a legal basis to get their mugshots removed from websites that make money posting mugshots. Although, it’s unlikely that we could directly help at New Media Rights, we can provide some guidance.

Unfortunately, the laws surrounding third party use of mugshots online are unclear at best. In California (and assumedly the rest of the U.S.), there are no statutes that say directly when mugshots can or can’t be posted by for-profit websites. There are also no rules about when (or if) a website is ever required to remove them.

There are many reasons why these websites are allowed to exist and can continue posting mugshots without facing lawsuits.

Federal mugshots are public domain (meaning they’re freely copyable by anyone). Generally, Federal mugshots are also part of the public record which means they are freely accessible to the public.

Specific states have their own rules about mugshots, but generally state mugshots are as freely accessible and copyable as Federal mugshots. In California specifically, it is generally accepted that mugshots are public domain materials in the public record, so this means that anyone can use them for any legal purpose without your permission.

That said, even though there are reasons why these sites can do what they do, there are still several routes you can take to get your mugshot removed. Your first step should be contacting the website and asking them to take the photo down. This guide assumes that you have already tried to contact the site that posted your mugshot, and they have not contacted you back.

Option one: mugshot removal sites

In your research, you’ve probably noticed many websites offering to remove your mugshot from the Internet for a fee.

These “removal websites” claim to go through a complex and painstaking process to get your photo removed. In reality, some of these removal sites actually work directly with the sites that post the mugshots. Taking your mugshot down using one of these removal services may be as simple as one click. They also charge a high price for this service, usually in the ball-park of $400-$500.

So even if you do get your mugshot taken down by these services, you should know that some of the money you pay to these sites may go straight into mugshot posting website’s pockets. Sometimes, these removal websites are in-cahoots with the sites that post the mugshots. You can read more about this here.

Despite how shady it seems that some of these removal services work in cahoots with the posting companies, their business model is (from our research) legitimate and legal.

These websites are probably your best bet for getting your mugshot actually removed. While the price might seem high, the affiliation some of these websites have with the mugshot posting sites assures your mugshot will be removed.

A small number of sites (such as the removal sites associated with mugshots.com) require that your case be “concluded” in order to have your mugshot removed. This can include, but is not limited to having your charge expunged, receiving a verdict of not guilty, having your charge dismissed or your adjudication withheld. If you’re mugshot is on mugshots.com, find a full list of qualifications here. However, these qualifications are generally easy to meet and in most cases, unnecessary.

Option two: expungement

If you aren’t willing to pay the high fee of a removal site or do not want to deal with the people who run those removal sites, then expungement is another option. Generally, sites that posts mugshots will remove your mugshot if you have gotten your conviction expunged and you present them via email with proof of your expungement. This isn’t due to any law requiring them to, it’s simply a business practice of many of these sites. Therefore, if you get your conviction expunged, you should start contacting the sites again to let them know that this occured.

Expungment means that you’ve filed to have your prior criminal conviction sealed. This makes the records unavailable through the state or Federal repositories.

Getting your record expunged does not guarantee that your mugshot will be removed from a website. BUT, sending these websites proof that your record has been expunged increases the likelihood that a site will remove your mugshot, especially if the site lists expungement as one of its qualifications for removal.

For a step-by-step guide to getting your criminal record expunged in California refer to this guide released by the Sacramento County Public Law Library or the California Courts’ guide to Cleaning up your Record. To petition for expungement in Alameda County, visit their website here. To petition for expungement in San Diego, visit their website here.

After you have had your record expunged, you should contact the website and they will likely ask for a copy of your Order of Expunction.  Note that expungement of your conviction (if you’re eligible) does have a variety of other benefits that we don’t discuss here.

Also keep in mind, that expungement is a potentially time-consuming process that may have court fees associated with it. You may end up getting your mug shot taken down more quickly and with less expense using one of the removal websites described in option one.

Option three: hiring a private lawyer

You can also hire a lawyer to pressure the website into taking your mugshot down. This lawyer will probably send a “demand letter” to the mugshot site pressuring to take the site down. The letter will threaten that a lawsuit will be filed if the website does not take the mugshot down. The threat of an expensive and time consuming lawsuit will probably make the website owner decide to take your mugshot down – even if he or she has the legal right to post it online.

If you are able to find a lawyer who is able to contact them for free or for a price much lower than what the removal services are charging, then it may be worth hiring that person to do it. Typically, these sites will take down your mugshot if they see a threat from a lawyer, even if the lawyer is “blowing hot air” at them.

Writing this type of demand letter is something that you could potentially do yourself, but since these websites probably get dozens of emails per day from upset individuals threatening to sue, it’s likely that a lawyer sending this kind of letter will be taken more seriously and acted upon by the website.

You should understand though, that the cost of hiring a lawyer may be more than the cost of getting your mugshot removed by one of the removal services discussed in option one.

Also, with a hiring a lawyer, there is no guarantee that the mugshot will be taken down. Working with one of the removal services in option one, there can sometimes be guarantees that your mugshot will be taken down.

Finally, there is a possibility that you could pay your lawyer to send this letter, and the mugshot website will ignore the threat. If you did decide to take a lawsuit to court, the law would not be in your favor (at least in California). In California, many of your potential legal claims like harassment or invasion of privacy would most likely not be successful.

To date, there is no record in California of anyone successfully filing a civil suit against a website for refusing to remove a mugshot posted online.

All that said, if you feel uncomfortable using a removal website or think hiring a lawyer is necessary, there are many lawyers who advertise mugshot removal services online.

If you have any specific questions about this guide, you can contact us through our contact form and we can attempt to answer your questions. However, at this time we cannot act as your attorney to get your mugshot taken down.


DUI Criminal Record: Two Methods to Clear a DUI Arrest


DUI is known as the Driving under the Influence. You might have drunk and driven, were arrested and had been filed with a DUI case and you are in dire need of clearing it for keeping a clean background record for employment.

You can now clear or significantly curtail your DUI records, get your driver license back (if the case maybe) and save money on car insurance.

Most people do not know that they can completely clear the DUI records, or avoid it from appearing from any background checks or even online. Maybe you have an older DUI conviction record and are finding ways to clear and prevent it from showing up on any of the background and criminal records. A DUI conviction records creates a bad reputation and you must immediately remove it from showing up on any of the background searches usually performed during employment.

The steps on clearing your DUI Records are below:

DUI records can be cleared in two effective ways: by hiring and attorney andby you.

Using an Attorney

If you do not have the information to eliminate the DUI records on you own you can hire a professional lawyer who can help clear your DUI records permanently. In that case, you need to choose an attorney who specializes in handling DUI cases and records. Those attorneysembody your state as DUI/ DWI defense attorney. The attorneys must be an expert breath test operator. They also must be a proficient instructor of standardized field sobriety tests (SFST). Therefore, search for the best DUI/DWI Defense Law firm in your state. These lawyers help you to get your driver’s license back and point you to the right car insurance company that helps you save money and effort. Even if you take to go by the professional assistance of lawyer there are few things you must know before doing business with them.

The best way to handle the complicated world of expunction and nondisclosures is to find and hire an attorney who has the knowledge and experience to get the process done right. From start to end, the process can take several months so hiring a lawyer to help the right away is the smart move to get your record properly cleared as quickly as possible. Whether you are able to succeed to have your record completely removed or if you are just able to get a nondisclosure order passed, either case will no doubt benefit you in a good way and give you the fresh start you need after a taxing experience.

Clearing it yourself:

Knowing how to clear your DUI record on your own is not easy. You can complete few forms and then avoid it immediately from appearing on the public records. After you have done that, you are safe; your employer cannotdig your records on any of the public record directories. You can have you driver’s license back and save more money on car insurance all by yourself by completing a few forms.

Now you know the ways available to remove your DUI records. Now go and clear that “X” mark from your background records as soon as possible.

DUI and Expungement: How to Clear Your DUI Record


DUI conviction ca decrease your employment choices, influence your driver’s license and insurance rates for many years after the accident, and increase penalties for ensuing offenses. Some states give the opportunity to expunge or delete your criminal record, and if you are qualified for expungement of your DUI criminal record, it is worth the effort to do so.

DUI Expungement Eligibility Requirements

Some states don’t allow courts to delete DUI convictions. Texas and Mississippi allow expungements for several crimes but not those related to DUI convictions, because of the nature of the crime.

Some states will stop a DUI conviction from expungement based on the type of crime you have committed, rather than the nature of your offense as related to DUI. Like for example, you may be entitled of you only received and completed anoverdue sentence, and therefore, were never technically found guilty of a DUI. In these states, if you were found guilty and sentenced, but your DUI conviction was merely postponed, then you would not be qualified for expungement of your DUI record because of the finaltype of your DUI conviction.

The laws of the state where you are sentenced control if DUI expungements are allowed. That state’s laws will also set up the requirements and processes. Even though DUI expungement actionschange by state, there are three general eligibility requirements.

Filing a Petition for Expungement of DUI Criminal Record

Once you know that you meet the state requirements to delete a DUI criminal record, you must also follow the processes for expungement. Usually, you must file a petition to delete your DUI conviction, pay a filing fee, and then send notification to the prosecuting attorney’s office. Once they have the notice of your DUI expungement request, they have a certain amount of time to file an answer and contest your request.

After their time to response has passed, you must request a final hearing with the court. If you do not get your motion before the judge, he or she cannot rule, and thus cannot grant your petition to delete your DUI record. At the hearing, it is your duty to show why you are eligible to have your DUI conviction expunged. Because you will be held to the same rules of process as an attorney, it is always well recommended to have an attorney help you with this stage.

Meeting with a DUI Attorney

Before you get in touch with a lawyer to apply for a DUI expungement, collect all of your court records. Where you were sentence and the conviction you received will know whether you are qualified for an expungement or some other kind of similar relief. When you visit with a lawyer, your first question should be whether your state let DUI convictions to be expunged. If there is a procedure to delete a DUI criminal record, work with your lawyer to do so.


What You Need to Do to Expunge a DUI History

Driving your car while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a very imprudent decision. This act can cost you asubstantial fine or your freedom. You can get under arrest for drunk driving and this charge may result to expensive fines, community service, jail time and a permanent record.

A DUI conviction in your record can have a negative impact which may affect many aspects of your life. Even after you have paid the charges, attended drunk driving classes, and attended your sentence, you may know that a DUI conviction on your record can become a form of sentence on its own. For example, a permanent record can hinder you from getting a job, loan or from renting a decent apartment. And so, you need to have your DUI record erased or expunged

What Is Expungement?

When the court decides to expunge a criminal record, it essentially means that the conviction is closed or erased. Therefore, when a background check is done, the record won’t show up. This is very helpful for those people who are looking for employment, applying for a loan, or other important purposes.

Take note though that the record is not totally deleted. It can still be seen by law enforcers and court administrators to investigate whether the person has past run-ins with the law. But an expungement will keep the permanent record fromtarnishing the individual’s life.

How to Expunge A DUI

  1. Learn and understand what it means to expunge a DUI record. As previously said, DUI is aneverlasting record. If it gets erased, all the information about the case such as the files, criminal charges and records will be closed. This means that in case you apply for anoccupation, you can tell your possible employer that you have never been under arrest, accused, or imprisoned of DUI.
  2. Know about the laws concerning the expungement process: You need to comprehend that expungement process may change from state to state. To that end, you need to check with your country’s court or law enforcement agency where the detentionsad arrests are expunged. You have to ask about the requirements, including certificate that shows you have anaccomplished probation and how many years before you can get your DUI erased. There are some states that permitinstant expungement for some cases, like the first offense in driving under influence (DUI).
  3. You have to complete the process: It is important to answer all the necessary forms and asks for expungement, such as the Motion to Expunge. After filling out the formal request, you will have to submit the application to the court and pay the fees that are required. You must then be presentat the expungement hearing once it is arranged by the court. Finally, you may also be required to appear in front of a judge.

If everything went well, the judge will decide to the expungement plea. He will then give a court order to expunge or erasethe DUI record.

How to Clear Your DUI Public Records and Pass Background Checks

Your DUI public records will linger with you long after your DUI arrest. This can have a bad effect on your employment opportunities when you need to go through a background check. Luckily, there are several steps which you can take and things you can learn that will help you clear your DUI public records so they don’t appear on your background check. All this can be done even in states that DON’T allow for criminal record expungement!

Knowing that DUI has become an administrative crime with a dishonor will go a long way towards assisting you clear your DUI public records. This offense is a cash cow for local administrations and that means that your best welfares will play second play to theirs. Your lawyer likely has his own interests ahead of yours too. Depending on your attorney and throwing yourself at the court’s kindness could be the worst thing you could ever do because you will situate yourself interest secondary to theirs.

This means you must understand all you can about the driving under influence process and how the laws relate to your case. You must admit the fact that you are accountable for your DUI and you must take 100% accountability for resolving the chaos that DUI had createdin your life. No one is going to have a better control of your life than you can, but you take the responsibility.

Even though the laws may be dissimilar in each state, this procedure works the same whether you have just received your DUI or even if it’s years old. There are six organizations that have entry to your DUI public records. Not all of these departments communicate with each other, and government administrationroots additional communication problems. Knowing all about these six departmentsand how they manage your information will open windows of opportunity that can be employed to either remove your DUI or lawfully conceal record of it in states that don’t permit you to expunge criminal history.

This information is open to research for free, but the legal nature of the subject can make this a horror to try to understand on your own. Also, there are variances in every state, and the job becomes more trying. Getting this information from lawyer would likely be costly, and a lot of attorneys may not know about this information because it doesn’t serve their best interests.

There is a paid resource accessible that gives you all the background information you will need to clear your reputation andDUI public records. This will give you the “summary” you will need to study the DUI laws for your state. Equipped with this information, you will be set and ready to take the steps crucial to expunge your DUI records or lawfully delete your DUI public records in states that don’t permit you to remove criminal records. Either way, you will be able to get through the criminal background checks essential to get a new occupation and improve your viewpoint in life.

Bad Reviews Elimination: How a Business Can Protect Its Online Reputation

The power of online reviews and feedbacks continues to grow strong. A recent Neilson study revealed that consumers/clientslook at online reviews as the second most-reliable source of information, behind only recommendations from friends, family and even colleagues. God reviews will significantly help business or companyby attracting new business and making online reputation management stress-free. But, negative reviews can be absolutely lethal to a company’s image. Bad experiences described by reviewers, even if they arefallacious, will cause review readers to be doubtful of doing business with that company. In many circumstances, those who see and read these negative reviews will prefer to do business with another business.


Therefore, it is no surprise that business owners are always trying to know how to eliminate bad reviews. This article will discuss at how a business or company can use online reputation management techniques to get rid or conceal bad reviews online. Here are a few of those strategies:

Contact the reviewer

Reviews are often written by clients in a moment of dissatisfaction. Instead of writing off someone who wrote a bad review, write to him or her instead. Big businessusually find that consumers who have a damaging experience simply want to have the problem fixed and will even be willing to eradicate bad reviews they have written if the company makes an effort to correct the situation. In fact, research has revealed that consumers who have an issue with a company and have that problem remedied are actually more likely to endorse the brand to others in the future than are clientswho have no problems firstly.

Contact the review site

When contacting thereviewer doesn’t work, it is the time to contact the review site. Most websites have systems in place that businesses can use to request deletion of certain reviews. Depending on the site, a review might be qualified for removal if it is too ambiguous, mentions a rival by name, or is one of several reviews written by the same reviewer. In order to take out bad reviews, businesses will need to create a strong case for why the review should not be published or posted.

Contact an online reputation management company

Instead of trying to work with reviewers and review sites directly, many companies and businesses choose to work with an online reputation management company. These service companies are well-known for their skill and performance to take away or restrain negative content in online search results for customers who need a reputation repair, but a lot of them can also deal with online reviews. Since it has more time and resources than a business owner has, an online reputation management services will be able to take advantage of itsknow-how to examine negative reviews and know whether or not they are real. Moreover, these businesses will be acquainted with the steps that one needs to do to contact review sites for review deletion. Hiring an online reputation management services to get rid of bad reviews results to saving the business owner time, and makes sure that the job will be done effectively.

How Our Reputation Management Services are Different from Others

Reputation can go a long way and do positive things for the standing of a business or the person itself. At most, reputation can lead to gaining the loyalty of others. It is something that every person and business entity wants to maintain within the industry they are in. However, due to some things and issues, one’s reputation can be affected and it would be hard to put it back as it was. The way people sees you will also change, which is an effect that you would not want to experience.

That is the reason why if you are placed in the same situation, with negative statements, entries or listings about your or related to you being seen on Yahoo, Google, and Bing, you do not have to worry about it anymore. That is because once our Reputation Management Services handled your case, it will be resolved through our unique way of handling reputation management cases.

Our way of handling cases is different from the way others deal with theirs. With our service, you get a customized one. It will be based on the particular situation you have been placed and are experiencing. As a customized service, it will include:

Unique Way of Dealing with the Handled Case. Every case concerning reputation management arises due to different reasons. Although the effects are the same, the success in resolving the issue, which is getting rid of negative listings and all things related, still depends on how it is dealt with and the steps taken to get to the end. That is where our service will start working on, getting to the end by studying the case of the client and settling it through a unique yet effective method.

As part of the process, we will work on lowering the rank of the negative entries and replace them with entries, pictures, and posts that talks and shows good things about you.

Providing Results Within Just a Couple of Months. It is one of the differences we have to other companies offering the same service. We are capable of working on a case within just a short period of time and already provide positive and expected results.

Experience. I, Yasir Khan, have already gained the necessary years of experience in dealing and resolving reputations management cases. It is through that experience that I am able to help all kinds of clients with their reputation management issues. It is also that experience that my team and I are using in providing you the results you expect and need.

Providing an Excellent Phone Support. Whenever you are worrying about such issues and you chose to let us handle your case, you will get a 1005 excellent phone support. We will be there with you every step of the way. And, we will always be just one phone call away and your reputation management issue will be resolved.

That is how our service is different from others. Once you decide to pick us, you can expect that your mind will be eased, positive reinforcements will be made and in the end, you will benefit from the increased job and business prospects for you.

How a Reputation Management Service Can Help You Out?

Are you worried about your online status? Then, you don’t have to. Whether you have a small or huge online business, it is easy for you to secure your business and catch the attention of your potential customers. How can you do it? The answer relies on reputation management service.

The reputation management service is designed not only to protect your company name or business products. It also plays a huge part in expanding your partners, images and other elements of online business.

If you are new to online business, your first move is to know the concept of reputation management service. For your guide, here are the different ways on how this service makes your business more money-spinning:

  • Controls Your Google Rankings – With SEO backlinks, it is easy for you to inform people about your offered products and services. It means that they can easily find your business using a direct link back to your website. This can also help in improving your search engine rankings.
  • Takes Away Negative Listings from Top Rankings – With reputation management service, you can easily remove the different negative feedbacks of other customers. Therefore, you have a chance to show off your real purposes and benefits.
  • Tells Your Company Story – This service allows you to inform the public about the history of your company. You can also inform them on how you got various customers, how you offer your business products and services and a lot more.
  • Improves Electronic Word-of-Mouth – Through reputation management service, you can spread positive things about your company and your offered services. The more positive feedbacks you will get, the higher reputation you will receive.
  • Improves Customer Satisfaction – This reputation management service allows you to receive positive feedbacks from your customers. With an improved customer support, it is also easy for you to adjust your services to meet the needs of your customers.
  • Increases Brand Awareness – With reputation management service, you can easily improve the positive perception of your brand. You can introduce your products and services using the different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


With the various benefits of reputation management, you will be tempted to find the best company that offers similar services. However, searching for the best one doesn’t include more time and effort. If you have lots of options to choose from, the best thing that you can do is to know how your preferred company works. You also need to know their available resources on how they can help you. For the best selection, it is also a must to ask assistance from any expert. Simply ask them about their experiences on a certain company. Then, start comparing them from other reputation management companies.

After dealing with the best company, it is expected that you can easily improve your Google rankings. Even other people will recognize your company products and services. It means that your company will be well-known not just locally but other places as well.

Don’t underestimate the power of reputation management services. Start improving your business operation and monthly sales now!