Bad Reviews Elimination: How a Business Can Protect Its Online Reputation

The power of online reviews and feedbacks continues to grow strong. A recent Neilson study revealed that consumers/clientslook at online reviews as the second most-reliable source of information, behind only recommendations from friends, family and even colleagues. God reviews will significantly help business or companyby attracting new business and making online reputation management stress-free. But, negative reviews can be absolutely lethal to a company’s image. Bad experiences described by reviewers, even if they arefallacious, will cause review readers to be doubtful of doing business with that company. In many circumstances, those who see and read these negative reviews will prefer to do business with another business.


Therefore, it is no surprise that business owners are always trying to know how to eliminate bad reviews. This article will discuss at how a business or company can use online reputation management techniques to get rid or conceal bad reviews online. Here are a few of those strategies:

Contact the reviewer

Reviews are often written by clients in a moment of dissatisfaction. Instead of writing off someone who wrote a bad review, write to him or her instead. Big businessusually find that consumers who have a damaging experience simply want to have the problem fixed and will even be willing to eradicate bad reviews they have written if the company makes an effort to correct the situation. In fact, research has revealed that consumers who have an issue with a company and have that problem remedied are actually more likely to endorse the brand to others in the future than are clientswho have no problems firstly.

Contact the review site

When contacting thereviewer doesn’t work, it is the time to contact the review site. Most websites have systems in place that businesses can use to request deletion of certain reviews. Depending on the site, a review might be qualified for removal if it is too ambiguous, mentions a rival by name, or is one of several reviews written by the same reviewer. In order to take out bad reviews, businesses will need to create a strong case for why the review should not be published or posted.

Contact an online reputation management company

Instead of trying to work with reviewers and review sites directly, many companies and businesses choose to work with an online reputation management company. These service companies are well-known for their skill and performance to take away or restrain negative content in online search results for customers who need a reputation repair, but a lot of them can also deal with online reviews. Since it has more time and resources than a business owner has, an online reputation management services will be able to take advantage of itsknow-how to examine negative reviews and know whether or not they are real. Moreover, these businesses will be acquainted with the steps that one needs to do to contact review sites for review deletion. Hiring an online reputation management services to get rid of bad reviews results to saving the business owner time, and makes sure that the job will be done effectively.