7 Methods You Use to Get Rid of Negative Reviews on Google

Get Rid of Negative Reviews on Google

In the past years, disgruntled customers would normally complain to a manager, write a letter, tell everyone what they felt about the service they had experience or how poor the product or service being offered.

In most cases, it was aquite private matter and only a few people knew about it.

In extreme cases, a dissatisfied customer would contact the local media or in some cases stand outside the business with a sign. In those extreme events, most business owners would bend over backwards to eliminate the complainer.

A few ill-fated customers could do very little harm to a business reputation because their scope was restricted to the people in their community.

The following are the list of methods to use to remove bad reviews and handle fuming customers:

  1. Always Use Compassion

Put yourself in their shoes and try to appreciate why they feel the way they do. If you sound unconcerned or uncaring you will only encourage them take further action against you and your business.

  1. Don’t put the blame on thecustomer or some other employee

Take the full responsibility for the situation and face it head on. People do not care whose fault it is, they just want it to be fixed! If you start pointing fingers at the your client they will go on the defensive and the issue will worsen!

  1. Take bad reviews posted online, offline instantaneously!

If someone has already published bad reviews, blog post or forum comment about the bad service they had with you and your business, get their contact number and solve the problem offline. When sentiments are high, people will write and post harsh things.

  1. Don’t answer a bad review by getting into an online Comment battle

It will not help and worse it will make you look unprofessional and unethical. Do your thorough research, know who the unhappy customer is and get their phone number.

  1. Eliminate a negative review by turning them into a loyal client!

If it was truly a misinterpretation and you go out of your way to rectify the situation, you can transform an angry customer into a loyal one. Most people that are distressed love the fact that you care enough to make things right and will tell others about your effort.

  1. Do Not Overlook Bad Reviews or Fuming Customers!

Address bad reviews and customer complaints head on and right away. Do not think an annoyed customer will just leave! We are now in the modern age and it only takes a few minutes for someone to go online and post negative feedbacks about the service they had with your company.

  1. Politely ask if they want to get rid of the negative review.

If they are pleased and you have solved the misunderstanding,request them if they can remove or update their feedback or comment. Most people will. If they decline then you should leave a comment under their review telling the online world you took action and how you fixed it.