6 Important Factors to Strengthen Your Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

It has become an SOP for people to Google businesses and corporations they are considering doing business with. For this reason alone, it is important to ensure your online reputation is as solid and progressive as possible.In the face of new social media technologies that give a huge outlet to virtually anyone, more than ever it’s important that you’re prepared.

How do you make sure that the results that come up absolutely mirror your company? Turns out there are no magic formula but there are a number of steps necessary to strengthen positive remarks of your company at the top of your search results.

1. Company website.
Your company’s website is always the first place possible clients and visitors will go to check you out and is basically a catalogue available for you to put the best possible aspect on your business. The website must include:
Notable Executive Bios
Case Studies
Executive Bios
Case Studies Testimonials

2. Micro sites.
You must create satellite websites that are precise to the work your company does. This will build more opportunities for you to be on the first page of a Google result and will also help consumers swiftly get to the exact content they are looking for.

3. Your company blog.
Create a blog to tell your story in the most constructive way. Your blog is the “face” of your business and consumers will turn to it to search the latest information about your company and offers a good forum to:
Discuss about new products
Laud success stories
Publicize special deals
Talk about latest company developments

4. Social media accounts.
Social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube tend to rank very high in Google result page. These are the best place to publish good news about your business website. You must use these account properly. Good use of social media accounts can improve your brand, attract more leads and even lead to more sales. Mishandle of these sites can ruin your company and brand’s reputation.

5. Establish yourself as an expert.
You almost certainly have knowledge and experience that you can share with others. You must establish yourself as an expert in your niche. You can spread good feedback of your company via guest posts on other blogs and websites.
Become an expert on a niche website (websites are always starving for useful and informative content)

6. Online press releases.
When there is good news about your business website, spread the word about it. Online press releases get quickly crawled and indexed search engines and news aggregators such as Yahoo! News, Google News, and many smaller outlets.

Whether your business is online, offline, or both, your online reputation will have a big impact on how potential clients and customers feel about you and your products. It’s vital to ensure your online reputation is as good as it can be. This works actively from the time you begin posting content and also serves to control potential public relations damage in the long run, should someone post something bad about you.