6 Best Ways to Manage Your Personal Reputation Online

Manage Your Personal Reputation Online

Building a good online reputation takes time and effort, but just getting control your name online can be done with clear-cut steps such as:

  1. Know your personal goals.

You first need to identify your personal goals for your online reputation. Creating a stable “theme” will help you with creating organic search results and search engine optimization (SEO).

You must write three to five words that define how you would like to perceive – business leader, adventure seeker, thought leader and then use these summary to help you create your profile and make and curate content.

  1. Settle on a steady username.

To optimize your SEO, you must have a consistent and unique username for your brand online. Rare names should be easy to have, but if your name is more regular and, thus, already taken by many businesses, then you have to go with a username that you can use steadily across the web.

Like for example, if you name happens to be Taylor Smith, then consider either repetition of your name like (TaylorSmith123) or finding a distinctive unique name perfectly ( IAmSEOTaylorSmith). You will use this username across the web to build better SEO, even though you will set up the information in your profile with your real name.

  1. Get your personal URL.

Once you have your business name that you can establish across the web, devote in the URL (IAmSEOTaylorSmith.com). Settle with a “.com,” if available and keep away from getting carried away with lots of repetitions and domain suffixes you could come up with — it can cost pricey very quickly.

Once you have your URL, create a simple webpage with Weebly, SquareSpace and Wix. You can also select for sites like Flavors.me or About.me for creating a basic personal landing page and can have it aimed at your personal URL.

  1. Spread your name on as many platforms as possible.

Create good profile on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Instagram. If you already have your personal social media accounts, then consider setting up one for your business page. Create you account with any platform in your area of niche and also, don’t forget to create another profile on sites like Tumblr, Disqus, Quorra, SoundCloud and GitHub.

Now it is very reasonable to feel that this approach for your online reputation is too much, but I am advising that you must be active on each of the platforms, only that you create the account with your username before someone else does. Creating social accounts on Facebook, Twitteror Google+ are very easy, so get started now!

  1. Create a basic profile on each of your sites.

Complete the basic information in each of your account profiles. Adding your name, address and constant description with your username will help your SEO. In addition, select one photo to represent you across the web, which will help others recognize you quickly.

  1. Get your social-media-profile URLs when possible.

While some sites automatically make custom URLs for your profile (www.twitter.com/taylorsmith), others oblige you to create. When needed, follow the site instructions to create your own specific URL.