5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Online Reputation

5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Online Reputation

Every day there seems to be a new fuss over somebody or some business company posting something they shouldn’t on their social media accounts. Not only that but it’s possible for some who holds hatred to post anything they like about you or your brand online. It is the time you take control of your online reputation management before they totally ruin your business career.

Whether you are an individual searching for a job, an ill-fated sports star just left out of the team or a company selling products or services and looking for possible buying clients you should try to have some sort of filter on what gets published on the World Wide Web. Not only that but it’s also essential to check out what being criticize about you, you business, brand and your competitors online. It used to be that you could pick what goes public about your or your company by publishing, posting orsharing it yourself.Today, with the emergence of powerful social media and the comfort of creating many blogs and web sites, anyone who wants to can hurt your online reputation in a matter of seconds. Search engines are not interested in whether information you have posted is true or false, they are only concerned in content and popularity. Destructive, wrong and humiliating information can quickly get its way in the first page of search engine results such as in Google.

So, we have come up with 5 tips to effectively handle your online reputation:

  1. Monitor Social Media

You have to make sure that you have search terms created for you, your business, your brand and your competitors

  1. Be Proactive

Don’t delay until there is a big problem to deal with your online reputation, respond to the negative comments and promote the good one.

  1. Be Transparent

If someone makes and posts a bad review bout your website, products and services, make sure you address the problem and discuss about your fixes in public for everyone to see and read. If you delete your negative feedback it will undervalue the positive one

  1. Protect Your Online Social Accounts

You must try your best to make it harder for people to copy you online.

  1. Act Professionally

Think before you click! Never post something on Facebook or Twitterthat you will regret because within minutes it could be shared and Retweeted by millions of users from all around the world. Remember, the web doesn’t sleep and you can never undo what has been done.