5 Best Yelp Negative Review Repair Methods

Yelp Negative Review Repair Methods

From restaurants to plumbers to online businesses, local small companies can see a boost in their online reputation if they receive a positive feedback on popular user-review sites like Yelp. But, what happens when a business get bad reviews? We all know that this bad comment or negative feedback means a smear on your online reputation, which is a bad impression to possible customers.

The popular rating service should not beignored — Yelp listings usuallyappear in the top results in search engines, especially for searches involving restaurants and service companies. Research has shown that 88% of customers buying decision are influenced by online reviews. So what should business owner do if they see a bad comment about them? The tips on how to deal with bad Yelp reviews arebelow:

Keep your cool

When trying to manage a review, you need to avoid virtual screaming match, even if a review is completely wrong or even damaging. When deciding to handle bad review, we advise considering about what your customer service policies are for face-to-face interactions and implementing that same logic to your written response,” Holloway explains.

If you find yourself too sensitive to peacefully address online reviews, Holloway proposeshiring an office manager or another employee, you trust to deal with the issue. If you think a review violates Yelp’s guidelines you can flag it for assessment by Yelp’s user support team.


Claim Your Yelp Account

If you have not already, you need to “claim your business’s Yelp account”. This will permit you to flag fake or offensive reviews and reply to bad reviews properly. Claiming your business on Yelp also has other benefits, such as the capability to make a deal or mobile check-in offer on Yelp, which can improve business.

Respond tactfully

When you do answer to an online review – negative or positive – be tactful and professional and ensure to provide a solution when needed. Using Yelp’s free review reply tools, businesses can answeropenly or privately. A private message is same as to sending a private email directly to the reviewer. A public comment posts directly under a user’s review and is evident to any Yelp user.

Do Not Answer to a Review When Mad

Bad reviews can get dreadful, and it can be inviting to reply in a similarly ugly tone. Do not answer to the review until your anger has cooled down and your emotions are in check. If you fight or respond impolitely to a negative feedback, you may provoke them to write additional bad reviews or to encourage their friends into writing bad reviews and giving you poor star ratings, making the case worse. Remember, you will never be able to delight everyone all the time, and sometimes a well-mannered and humble tone is the best damage control. Those who reader you response will take not of how you answer and make decisions accordingly.

Be consistent

Actively reading and answering to user reviews can achieve at least two important things. First, it can give awareness into how your business, product or service resounds with clients and ideas for how you can do more. Second, it can prove users that you care, honest and true to your business.