3 Effective Ways Businesses Can Use To Counter the Negative Online Reviews

3 Effective Ways Businesses Can Use To Counter the Negative Online Reviews

Various online reputation management services guarantee you to clean your stained brand image. As the Wall Street Journal has pointed out, however, clean up is not quite as easy and simple as these businesses make it look.

Brent Franson, vice president of sales for Reputation.com, once said in a newspaper,“You can’t remove bad reviews”. “The target is to ensure the tip-of-the-iceberg reviews are upright.”

Yelp, Angie’s List, and other review sites sanction that businesses cannot simply have a bad review deleted or removed. These websites are set-up to allow users to liberally post about the experience they had with a business. If a company could regulate which comments stay, the truthfulness of review sites would be greatly depleted.

That would be a great system if it were 100% tamper-proofs. Sadly, there is no way for one to know if the review posted was created by a legitimate customer. Anyone can post anonymously.

When experiencing bad online reviews, small businesses are not powerless. The following are the three effective ways businesses can use to counter the negative online reviews.

Create well-written content

If your site has a blog, use it to publish interesting and fresh articles about your business, products or services. You can use LSI Keywords to know the words most often searched in your niche. There are also other free search engine optimization tools that you can use to help you determine if your site will make the cut.

Take part in your online presence. If your business has it social media accounts, use them and always be active. You posts and updates should be instructive and interesting so that your customers and possible clients will be more curious. This not only provides regularly updated content that will help you get rank on Google but also it provide a wealth of information to those looking for your business.

Work with an online reputation management firm. A sensibly selected reputation management company can skillfully obscure negative content that has been sitting in the first two page of Google. Those professional reputation managers know what and where to post articles, how many keywords to use and what to expect from countering the attack. You should be careful of the businesses that claim to be expert in removing negative reviews from site like Ripoff Report and other consumer review sites but ask for a huge fee. A trusted reputation management company will tell you frankly that they reestablish a business’s reputation by posting positive information. When it comes to reputation management, the target is to help the business take charge of its online reputation.

Your small business does not have to wait until something negative is posted to build a reputation. By creating an online presence, businesses offer a variety of placesto post information if the need should ascend. Having a strong online presence also boosts a business’s chance of appearing in the first page of Google, potentially increasing business.

Above all, be patient. Your positive content may not outdo the negative postings just overnight. It may in fact take many articles over multiple weeks to start seeing a result. However, with each article you post you are creating a useful content for any customers looking for information on your business, products or services.